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Maufacturing differnt type items like Dosing Skids, Coagulant & flocculant System, Static Mixers(1/2" to 3"), Special type non-return valves,etc & different type of Vial Racks as per clients drawing & specification.

50Ltrs. SS-304 Dosing skid
Busket Strainer Assly.
2M3 Frp Tank Agitator with Dosing system
Starch Dosing System, Screw pump 7500Lph.
2M3 Flocculant preparation system with Eductor
Dosing Skid with Polymer preparation & storage tanks
300ltrs Strach preparation & dosing system
4 Pumps Dosing skid
1M3 Agitator Tank with transfer Pump Assly.
Saw Cutter Impeller
liquid Polymer Eductor
Powder Polymer Eductor
1M3 MSEP tank Agitator (1)
3 Pump dosing skid with Safety bund
7nos. 1000 LPH Rotameter Stand
100ltrs.Dosing Skid with FRP Safety Bund
300Ltrs. SS Tank for ASA Solution (2)
D12 Dosing Skid Single Pump (1)
Duplex Bioside Dosing Skid (2)
PVC Dosing Skid (2)
PVC Dosing Skid (9)
Rotameter Stand (3)
Secondary Containment Skid with 3 Pumps (5)
Vial Rack 2tier (1)
Vial Rack Devloped (2)
Vial Rack for 37mm dia. Vial (1)
300ltrs. FRP Dosing Skid (10)