About Brythwold

Think different. Building Quality products. Truly matter to our client

Brythwold & Comapny incorporated at Salkia Howrah, West Bengal, India, build with quality mechanical engineers, manufacturing different type of mechanical spare parts for Indian Industries, mainly for Paper & Pulp, Water treatment & Chemical Industries. The company is working with Nalco Water India Ltd, Wires & Fabriks, Buckman Laboratories, Haber Water Technologies LLP., Thermax Ltd., TCG Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.. Company products - Different type of Dosing Skids, Coagulant & Flocculant System, Static Mixers(1/2" to 3"), Self Balancing Manifolds, Eductors (Dry & Liquid), Polish Parser, Busket filters, Special type of non-return valves, & different type of Vial Racks.

Ease Of Installation

Brythwold products are designed with high quality, technologically advanced solution are made for quick and easy installation.

Longer Service Life

At Brythwold, all products tested in the development phase allow us continuously optimise our products so they offer a longer service life, greater economic effi ciency and higher reliability.

Less Maintenance

Product development is only one side of the coin, maintenance is equally important. Less maintenance that something needs and the longer trouble-free runs .